8 Ways To Detox

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When your goal is to balance your hormones, restore energy, support mental wellbeing and rejuvenate your body you should be thinking about detoxification and the liver – and not just for the first two weeks of January!

  Each and every day we are exposed to hundreds of toxins and chemicals, known as xeno-oestrogens, that play havoc with your hormones and alter their function by blocking the hormone receptor.  Excess xeno-oestrogens get stored in fat tissue and have been indicated in breast cancer, obesity, diabetes and miscarriages.  This week’s blog aims to expose how your innocent-looking everyday routine could be contributing to your ill-health and I give you my essential 8 actions to reduce your toxic load and support your hormone balance today.   Take a moment to think about your morning routine – do you jump in the shower use shower gel, shampoo, conditioner?  Perhaps deodorant, makeup and body-creams?  You’re not alone, the average women is exposed to over 100 chemicals before she even leaves the house!   At lunchtime is your food stored or served in plastic containers and even the food itself is subject to pesticides.  It’s impossible to avoid isn’t it?  

You’ve got to live I hear you say!

  These toxins and chemicals enter the body through our gut and skin and can mimic oestrogen and become hormone disruptors, de-railing all your good work. The toxic load in your liver may be contributing to your symptoms of weight gain, headaches, aches, pains & brain fog.  

There are warning signs that you may not be detoxifying as effectively as you should:

  • Constipation
  • Bloating
  • Fatigue
  • Headaches
  • Sugar cravings
  • Dark circles under the eyes
  • Skin problems and acne
  This is relevant to all of us, so no matter your age, or whether you are on any HRT or not, you need to support you liver and the body’s natural detoxification process.   When I talk about detox(ification) to my clients, I’m not referring to heavy cleanses or extreme fasts, I talking about your own body’s brilliant ability to breakdown and remove waste every minute of every day.  This is a pretty impressive system, but like every system in the body it needs a bit of love in the form of the right nutrients and lifestyle to help you feel fabulous.    

How to support detoxification?

  If you are focused on losing weight and reducing inflammation, supporting your hormones through menopause or perimenopause or just improving clarity of the mind and increasing energy  - then follow my 8 essential tips to reduce you toxic load and improve detoxification.   You’ve got to live, but this is a great start!  
  1. Avoid using plastic containers and clingfilm food wrap to store or heat up food, especially in the microwave. According to Harvard Health, chemicals found in plastics including BPAs and phthalates may leak into the food when heated and act as hormone mimickers – not good. Transfer to a glass or ceramic container and use a plate to cover the food.
  2. Whenever possible buy organic fruit and vegetables with reduced exposure to pesticides and herbicides. If not, buy local and use the  ‘the dirty dozen’ guide highlighting the most pesticide laden foods. Washing produce in baking soda is thought to be one of the best ways to remove pesticide residue.
  3. Support the body’s natural detoxification process by eating your greens. Try to incorporate half a plate of green leafy vegetables like broccoli, cabbage, kale each day. Also garlic , onions and leaks – to support the liver and the process of elimination.
  4. Reduce the burden on the liver by minimising alcohol consumption and also reduce your risk of liver disease.
  5. Sweat - the natural way to eliminate toxins through perspiration – try hot yoga, a steam room or sauna.
  6. Drink 8 glasses of water/fluids a day to stay hydrated – staying hydrated flushes toxins from the body – filter if possible.
  7. Choose natural and paraben free personal health products – I love GreenPeople, organic products without harsh chemicals and I’ve just received a lovely package from Tropic skincare, including a fake tan which is all made locally here in Surrey.
  8. Improve indoor air pollution and air quality – according to NASA plants absorb volatile organic compounds through their leaves, so adopt a couple of Bamboo Palms, a Peace Lilly or a Rubber plant on your next trip to the garden centre.  Don’t forget to open the windows and doors to encourage air exchange.
  My goal, as Your Hormone Health Coach, is to support women over 40 and help reduce their symptoms of hormonal imbalance including weight gain, brain fog, hot sweats, insomnia, headaches fatigue and aches and pains, so they can sail through menopause and beyond.  If you would like to find out if functional medicine testing, nutrition, and lifestyle medicine could support you and your hormones and reduce your symptoms, contact me to set up a free discovery call. Kelly@kellyhutson.com